Can I Get This Guy to Speak at My School or Something?

I’m enjoying a quiet evening in my apartment, alone, watching “Inside the Actors Studio,” listening to James Franco describe filming his newest movie, 127 Hours, which I’ve somehow managed to ignore until this point.

Aron Ralston found himself in a canyon, his arm trapped underneath a boulder.  He was stuck there for 5 days before finally cutting his lower forearm off with a small, blunt knife.  He then made his way out of the canyon where he hiked miles before meeting help, and, hours later, was air-lifted to a hospital.  He’s still alive today and continues mountain climbing and does the occasional motivational speech event.

Um, this guy is beyond bad ass.

The idea of cutting of my own arm makes me squirm and I doubt I’d be able to do it.  At the same time, I doubt I’d relish becoming dehydrated or starve to death.  I suppose my best hope is that I have something relatively sharp on me should the occasion arise… so I have options? No, really, in all seriousness, I don’t ever hope to find myself stuck beneath a boulder nor do I have the gall to assume I know how I’d react in such a situation.


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I'm a beginner blogger. I love writing and hope to be involved in the writing industry professionally.
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