Another white girl on her laptop at Starbucks

Here I sit, at one of my local Starbi, typing my super awesome blog, listening to some indie Christmas music.

I hate that, just a few months ago, I was running around Europe.  It’s not that I think I’m too good for Kennesaw.  I don’t.  In Europe, though, I was walking around with my mouth hanging open, marveling at it all.  Well, I didn’t marvel at the nastier bits of town, at least, not in the way I marveled at everything else.  What I really hate, though, is Metro Atlanta’s lack of cafes.  There is… Starbucks…and that’s about it.  There are various other chains that sell coffee, sure, and various other places that sell pastries and sure enough yes, there are other various places where I’ll go ignored as I write.

I’m not so sure what to do about this writing thing.  What I’ve regarded as my hobby I have begun to consider a possible career possibility.  The past week, though, I’ve become discouraged while waiting for news about an internship I’ve been interviewing for.  The last I heard from the company was last Monday, asking about my hours of availability.  I took it as a good sign but I’ve yet to hear anything back.  Why, after two interviews, two applications, various submissions of my resume and quite a few writing assignments, why ask for my hours of availability and then not contact me for a week? Lame.

It’s my fault for getting my hopes up about the internship, of course.  It’s not that I thought I had a chance in hell for my first interview, but after I got invited back for another one, I was feeling pretty good about it.  Did I mention this is a paid internship?  If I got it, I’d essentially have found another job.  If I got it, I’d be working more than 20 hours a week, earning 6 credit hours for school.  If I got it, I’d be earning credit for two classes! Can you tell I want it?

If I don’t get it, I won’t be upset that I won’t be killing two birds with one stone class-wise, I’ll be upset that I won’t get to quit my job.  I have totally checked out.  My performance at work continues to be great, of course, but emotionally I’m gone.  I’m just smart enough to not let it affect how my current bosses view my work.
Considering how far I’ve check out, I’m surprised with myself at how much I continue to do at work that is above and beyond my normal duties.  Today I decorated a few items that we are selling to push them.  Try to make them look more attractive, anyway.  Essentially, I added some pretty tags to them that say “To” and “From” attached to some ribbon I curled.  Whatever, it looks nice! A lot nicer than what they looked like before, anyway.

I’m keeping my mittens crossed for that internship.  Please please please!!!



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I'm a beginner blogger. I love writing and hope to be involved in the writing industry professionally.
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