A Letter to my University’s Financial Department


To whom it may concern,

As a student at Kennesaw State University, I am appalled at the school’s decision to use PayPath as a means to
charge tuition and other fees.  The charge of 2.75% applied to my tuition led to a cost of over sixty dollars. Where is
this sixty four dollars- non refundable sixty four dollars- going? * To PayPath? There is no way that company is charging
KSU that much for their services.  Is it going to the school? Surely the school has charged me plenty of fees for athletics, health,
“land acquisition,” and other uses I find pointless.
Thank you for charging me sixty dollars on top of the twenty three hundred I’m already paying to attend this institution.  I sure hope it’s
going towards replacing Patricia from the Foreign Language Lab or for a lawyer so we can finally rid ourselves of tenured professor Griselda
Thompson (really, they have to go).
Thank you for charging me sixty dollars to take classes next semester that I really have little interest in taking because, somehow, the classes I wanted to take
were full by the time I was able to register, despite the fact that I am a senior.

Go fuck yourselves,

Jessica Sides


Obviously, I didn’t really send it.  I sent the first few sentences and then ended it demanding a response.  I doubt I’ll get one…


About jsides2

I'm a beginner blogger. I love writing and hope to be involved in the writing industry professionally.
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